RMLL Planning and 2023 Annual General Meeting

The Planning Meeting will start Friday evening with the Division Planning Meetings held on Saturday followed by the AGM on Sunday.

Date: Friday, November 24 (evening), Saturday, November 25 and Sunday, November 26, 2023
Location: Delta Hotels by Marriott Edmonton South Hotel & Conference Centre – 4404 Gateway Boulevard NW, Edmonton
Parking: Parking is complimentary for our event. Please see the info by clicking here and disregard the $10/overnight parking.

RMLL 2023 Planning Meeting

2023 RMLL Annual General Meeting

Date: Sunday, November 26, 2023
Time: 9:30 AM
Location: Edmonton Delta South

Financial Review

2023 Elections 

President – Duane Bratt will let his name stand
Treasurer – Earl Caron will let his name stand

 8.05 QUORUM

A majority of the Members in Good Standing must be present in person to form a quorum at the AGM or any General or Special General Meeting. In the event that a quorum is not present within one (1) hour of the time given in the notice of the said meeting, the Chairperson of the meeting shall adjourn the meeting to a date, time and time not less than twenty-one (21) days from the date of the original meeting. The Executive Director shall give seven (7) days written notice to the Members of the date and place to which the meeting has been adjourned. A quorum for the adjourned meeting shall be those present.


At each General, AGM, or Special General Meeting the voting rights are as follows:

a) each Member shall have one (1) vote; and
b) each member of the RMLL Executive shall have one (1) vote; unless the member of the RMLL Executive is voting on behalf of a Member, in which case that RMLL Executive member would not have a vote as a member of the RMLL Executive. 


In order for a Member to qualify for voting privileges at a meeting of Members, the Member must:

a) have participated in the playing season immediately preceding the AGM;
b) be a Member in Good Standing with the RMLL;
c) be represented in person by the individual listed as its Primary or Secondary in its Franchise Certificate;
d) each member has only one vote, which shall be cast by either the Primary or Secondary contact set forth in its Franchise Certificate; and
e) no individual can be the Primary contact for more than one Member. 

 8.08 VOTING

At all meetings of the Members of the RMLL, except for matters that require approval by a Special Resolution, every question shall be decided by an Ordinary Resolution. Except as provided herein, every question shall be decided in the first instance by a show of hands unless a poll is demanded by a Member. Unless a poll is demanded, a declaration by the Chair of the meeting that a resolution has been carried or not carried and an entry to that effect in the minutes of the RMLL shall be sufficient evidence of the fact without proof of the number or proportion of the votes accorded in favor of or against such resolution.

a) all elections for members of the RMLL Executive will be done by ballot
b) no proxy voting is allowed; and
c) with the exception of a tied vote, the President shall not vote. In the case of a tied vote, the President shall cast his vote as the deciding vote. In the event that the vote for the election of the President is tied, the Vice-President shall cast the deciding vote.