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RMLL Tier III Division


In 2006, the RMLL created another level of Junior lacrosse, the Tier III Division. This Division is viewed as a stepping stone and developmental division for a player and/or team entering Major lacrosse. The implementation of this Junior Division enables both large and small centers to field teams with players, who are not yet ready to compete at the Tier II level.

The Tier III Division is very popular for those young men who wish to continue playing the game of box lacrosse at a good level but do not want to play at higher levels of lacrosse due to other commitments such as work and/or school, as well as for those young men who have only played a year or two in the Minor levels, and those who have never played lacrosse before.

Ten teams coming from Southern Alberta along with three teams from the Wheatland area played in the Division in the inaugural season. By 2009 the Division had grown to seventeen teams.

Over the years, the number of teams in the Tier III Division has steadily diminished. The Division achieved its goal of a developmental place to play for players and teams, as every year since it’s conception, both players and teams have moved up to higher levels.

A RMLL Award is handed out annually to the player who is the highest point leader from Regular Season.