This year the RMLL AGM will be a Zoom Meeting.

Date: Sunday November 15, 2020
Time: 1:00 PM
Invitees:  Franchise Primary or Secondary Contacts

Please RSVP for the AGM to christinethielen@hotmail.comby Friday November 6, 2020. Zoom details will be sent out Monday, November 9, 2020.

All documents for the RMLL AGM are here:  https://rockymountainlax.com/2020-agm/

2021 Division Planning Meetings 

Division Planning Meetings will be held via teleconferencing calls and/or Zoom Meetings. Commissioners will be communicating the specifics for their respective Divisions.

Please remember as per RMLL Bylaw 9, if your Franchise Primary or Secondary Contact is unable to attend the AGM Zoom Meeting to send a request to Duane Bratt, RMLL President,  dbratt@mtroyal.ca  asking to be excused.




9.01                  A fine of three hundred dollars ($300) shall be assessed to Members of the RMLL for non attendance at the AGM unless excused by the President.



2020/21 CRUDE Winter Recreation LAX

Open to all graduating Midgets, Junior and Senior players. Full equipment is required.

$150.00 for all 20 floor times when paid before first session, or $10.00 per session.

Location: Servus Place (Tudor Glen Arena)

Dates & Times:
Mon. Oct.12/20 9-10PM      Mon. Dec.21/20 9-10PM
Mon. Oct.19/20 9-10PM       Mon. Dec.28/20 9-10PM
Mon. Oct.26/20 9-10PM     Mon. Jan.04/21 9-10PM
Mon. Nov.02/20 9-10PM     Mon. Jan.11/21 9-10PM
Mon. Nov.09/20 9-10PM     Mon. Jan.18/21 9-10PM
Mon. Nov.16/20 9-10PM     Mon. Jan.25/21 9-10PM
Mon. Nov.23/20 9-10PM     Mon. Feb.01/21 9-10PM
Mon. Nov.30/20 9-10PM     Mon. Feb.08/21 9-10PM
Mon. Dec.07/20 9-10PM     Mon. Feb.15/21 9-10PM
Mon. Dec.14/20 9-10PM     Mon. Feb.22/21 9-10PM

Please complete the registration form specifically for this event:

Players that haven’t filled out an “Intent to Play” for 2020 will need to pay an additional $30.25 to cover the ALA (Alberta Lacrosse Association) registration fee.

Hope to see you soon! Contact:
Kevin Chysyk           Terry Dokken
(C) 780 – 975-6602           (C) 780 – 907-9605
kpchysyk@gmail.com   (H) 780 – 459-5705




Revised ALA Regulations

Changes have been made to:

Regulation5.03.1, 5.05.2 – Update to 17U age division

Regulation  5.03.5 with and – Recreational Lacrosse

Regulation 5.04.2 and 5.04.3 – 17U players exception to play in Major lacrosse

Regulation 7.05.1, 7.06.1, 7.06.2 – Update RMLL draft due to cancelled 2020 season

Regulation – 15.04, 15.05, 15.06, 15.07 – Update to 17U age division

Regulation 17 – 17U League

Regulation 28.01.4, 28.07.1– Update to 17U age division

Regulation 32.06.4 – Update to 17U age division


Regulation 32.10 Game Sheets

32.10.1 Game sheets are required for all games

32.10.2 Game sheets are to be completed prior to the game

32.10.3 All games requiring officials must complete games sheets in their entirety and signed off by all officials.  



RMLL Response to COVID-19

June 1, 2020

Duane Bratt

RMLL President


This is the update from the March 15 and April 9 communications regarding covid-19.

On April 23, 2020 Dr. Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer, announced that the social distancing ban on gatherings of more than 15 people will be maintained throughout the summer. This was on the same day that the Calgary Stampede and Edmonton’s K-Days (as well as other large festivals) announced that they were cancelled for 2020. On April 24, 2020, the City of Calgary announced that its facilities would be remain closed until July 31 or longer. Other municipalities across Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have been making similar decisions.

In addition, on May 28, the Canadian Lacrosse Association cancelled all national championships for 2020.

As a consequence of these decisions from government and lacrosse governing authorities, the RMLL, in consultation with, and the agreement of all the divisions, regrettably is formally cancelling its 2020 season. While there was some hope that some type of modified schedule could be maintained for July-August, that is no longer an option. 

The ALA discussed the issue of refunding of fees in their April 8 communication. For RMLL players/teams, there are three different types of fees:

    • ALA Intent to Play. Players directly paid this fee of $60.25 when they registered through the RAMP system (RMLL Intent-to-Play). This fee (minus an administrative fee of $10) will be refunded.
    • RMLL Franchise Fee. All Franchises pay a minimum Franchise Fee of $800 to the RMLL. This fee plus any Division extra fees will be credited to 2021 season for all Franchises (minus an administrative fee set by the RMLL Executive).
    • Team Player Registration Fees. A player pays this fee to the team that they are playing on. For the vast majority of teams, this fee has not been paid yet, because the team selection process had yet to occur. However, there may be some players who have already paid their team fees. In this case, you need to contact your team to determine what their refund policy is.

The reason for withholding administrative fees is that the RMLL’s fiscal year is October-September. As a result, the RMLL has already incurred costs including the 2019 AGM and 2020 planning meetings and the graduating midgets combines in Edmonton and Calgary. The ALA is in a similar position and this was outlined in their April 8 communication. 

Losing an entire RMLL season is something that none of us has likely thought about. Then again, few of us would have foreseen the near total disruption of life in general. This presents us all with a number of difficult challenges to navigate over the coming months. Among those is all of us working together to keep the momentum in our game and our league so we can build a successful comeback lacrosse season in 2021.


Ottawa, ON— The Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) announced today that it has cancelled all 2020 National Championships, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The 2020 National Championship hosts will have the opportunity to host in 2021.
This difficult decision was made with the support of the box lacrosse and field lacrosse sectors and in consultation with the CLA’s Member Associations. Health and safety, travel concerns, venue closures, and many other factors were taken into consideration. Return-to-play or return-to-activity is in different phases across the country, which provides unique challenges based on geography to our Canadian lacrosse community. 
“The health and safety of our players and everyone in the lacrosse community are our top priorities,” said Shawn Williams, CLA President. “We recognize that national championships are important to lacrosse players of all ages. The CLA will be preparing for the 2021 national championship season and we look forward to having our lacrosse family back together once again.” 
The 2020 National Championship cancellations include the Mann Cup, the Minto Cup, the Presidents’ Cup, the Founders’ Cup, the Alumni Cup, the First Nations Cup, the Ross Cup/Victory Trophy, 16U Box Lacrosse Championship, 16U Girls Box Lacrosse Championships, 14U Box Lacrosse Championship, 14U Girls Box Lacrosse Championships,  12U Box Lacrosse Championship, and the U19 Women’s Field Lacrosse Championship. For the most part the 2020 host organizations will be hosting in 2021. Please click on this link for the full list of 2021 National Championships and hosts.
The CLA would like to clearly state that this decision is not a cancellation of the lacrosse season in Canada. Individual member associations will decide the course of 2020 lacrosse opportunities on their own timelines under provincial and health authority guidance.
The CLA encourages everyone to follow the health and safety of guidelines in their provinces or territories. When it is safe for lacrosse to resume in Canada, the CLA will be ready to bring our community back together. 
For more information, please contact:
Jane Clapham
Executive Director
Canadian Lacrosse Association
Phone: 613-260-2028 ext. 304