On July 2, the Calgary lacrosse community lost one of its most dedicated and important volunteers John Durand.

John has been involved in lacrosse since the mid-1970s when he started to play as a midget. He was later one of the original members of the Calgary JrB Mountaineers. After graduating from junior, John played for the SrB Mountaineers. A highlight was winning the President’s Cup as Canadian SrB champions in 1983.

Even before he had retired from playing, John also refereed. He reffed minor, junior, and senior and even attended a couple of President’s Cups. As he got older, like many players, he moved to Master’s. John reffed masters lacrosse right up to 2019.

John was also an active builder in lacrosse at both the club level and the ALA. For the last several years, he ran the timeclock for the JrB and JrA Mountaineers and even did the same job at the 2018 Minto Cup.

Our condolences to his wife Tracy, daughters Shannon, Katelan, and Jamie, and five grandchildren.

RMLL Response to COVID-19

June 1, 2020

Duane Bratt

RMLL President


This is the update from the March 15 and April 9 communications regarding covid-19.

On April 23, 2020 Dr. Hinshaw, Alberta’s Chief Medical Officer, announced that the social distancing ban on gatherings of more than 15 people will be maintained throughout the summer. This was on the same day that the Calgary Stampede and Edmonton’s K-Days (as well as other large festivals) announced that they were cancelled for 2020. On April 24, 2020, the City of Calgary announced that its facilities would be remain closed until July 31 or longer. Other municipalities across Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba have been making similar decisions.

In addition, on May 28, the Canadian Lacrosse Association cancelled all national championships for 2020.

As a consequence of these decisions from government and lacrosse governing authorities, the RMLL, in consultation with, and the agreement of all the divisions, regrettably is formally cancelling its 2020 season. While there was some hope that some type of modified schedule could be maintained for July-August, that is no longer an option. 

The ALA discussed the issue of refunding of fees in their April 8 communication. For RMLL players/teams, there are three different types of fees:

    • ALA Intent to Play. Players directly paid this fee of $60.25 when they registered through the RAMP system (RMLL Intent-to-Play). This fee (minus an administrative fee of $10) will be refunded.
    • RMLL Franchise Fee. All Franchises pay a minimum Franchise Fee of $800 to the RMLL. This fee plus any Division extra fees will be credited to 2021 season for all Franchises (minus an administrative fee set by the RMLL Executive).
    • Team Player Registration Fees. A player pays this fee to the team that they are playing on. For the vast majority of teams, this fee has not been paid yet, because the team selection process had yet to occur. However, there may be some players who have already paid their team fees. In this case, you need to contact your team to determine what their refund policy is.

The reason for withholding administrative fees is that the RMLL’s fiscal year is October-September. As a result, the RMLL has already incurred costs including the 2019 AGM and 2020 planning meetings and the graduating midgets combines in Edmonton and Calgary. The ALA is in a similar position and this was outlined in their April 8 communication. 

Losing an entire RMLL season is something that none of us has likely thought about. Then again, few of us would have foreseen the near total disruption of life in general. This presents us all with a number of difficult challenges to navigate over the coming months. Among those is all of us working together to keep the momentum in our game and our league so we can build a successful comeback lacrosse season in 2021.


Ottawa, ON—The Canadian Lacrosse Association announced yesterday the cancellation of all 2020 National Championships, including the Minto Cup. 
The Minto Cup is the Junior A Lacrosse National Championship, competed in by the provincial champions of the BC Junior A Lacrosse League (BCJALL), the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (RMLL), and the Ontario Junior A Lacrosse League (OJALL). For around 75 years, this award has been presented to Canada’s top junior lacrosse team. 
“The Canadian Lacrosse Association’s top priority is the health and safety of our players, coaches, officials, parents, volunteers and fans,” said Shawn Williams, CLA President. “The Minto Cup is a much anticipated national championship every year and all parties will be working towards making the 2021 Minto Cup an event to remember.” 
The 2020 Minto Cup was set to take place this August in St. Catharines during the week of the 16U National Box Lacrosse Championships/Canada Games test event. 
“Although we are disappointed that the 16U National Box Lacrosse Championships and the 2020 Minto Cup were cancelled, we fully support the decision made by the Canadian Lacrosse Association,” added Doug Hamilton, Board Chair of the 2021 Canada Games Host Society. “We remain excited that the Niagara 2021 Canada Summer Games will see lacrosse make its return to the Canada Games after a 36-year absence, and we also look forward to discussing the opportunity to host the Minto Cup in St. Catharines next summer.”
The BC Junior A Lacrosse League, the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League, and the Ontario Junior A Lacrosse League have expressed their support of the cancellation of the 2020 Minto Cup. 
“With the announcement by the Canadian Lacrosse Association regarding the cancellation of the 2020 Minto Cup, the BC Junior A Lacrosse League Board of Governors supports and agrees with this decision. BC Junior A League athletes look forward to competing in the Minto Cup Championships, and we all look forward to 2021 and the Minto Cup competition hosted in Ontario,” said Karl Christiansen, league commissioner of the BC Junior A Lacrosse League.
“The Junior A League of the RMLL agrees with the decision of the CLA to cancel all Nationals. While the Minto Cup will not be competed for in 2020, the health and safety of the players, staff, volunteers, and fans is paramount. We are looking forward to competing in the 2021 Minto Cup hosted in St. Catharines, along with the OJALL and BCJALL,” said Sean Aggus, league commissioner of the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League.
“The OJALL fully supports the decision made by the Canadian Lacrosse Association to cancel the 2020 Minto Cup. Our host city of St. Catharines in partnership with the 2021 Canada Games Host Society will be ready in August 2021 to deliver a very special event. The OJALL is considered the top and most competitive junior box lacrosse league in the world. Losing a year competing to represent Ontario in the Minto Cup does not come without large disappointment for all of our players and as a league we have started to plan our run up to what will be a highly competitive Minto Cup next August. Ultimately, the safety and health of our players, coaches, staff and volunteers needs to come first. We are looking forward to defending the championship in 2021,” said Jason Shuttleworth OJALL Board Chair. 
For more information, please contact:
Jane Clapham
Executive Director
Canadian Lacrosse Association
Phone: 613-260-2028 ext. 304
Ottawa, ON— The Canadian Lacrosse Association (CLA) announced today that it has cancelled all 2020 National Championships, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The 2020 National Championship hosts will have the opportunity to host in 2021.
This difficult decision was made with the support of the box lacrosse and field lacrosse sectors and in consultation with the CLA’s Member Associations. Health and safety, travel concerns, venue closures, and many other factors were taken into consideration. Return-to-play or return-to-activity is in different phases across the country, which provides unique challenges based on geography to our Canadian lacrosse community. 
“The health and safety of our players and everyone in the lacrosse community are our top priorities,” said Shawn Williams, CLA President. “We recognize that national championships are important to lacrosse players of all ages. The CLA will be preparing for the 2021 national championship season and we look forward to having our lacrosse family back together once again.” 
The 2020 National Championship cancellations include the Mann Cup, the Minto Cup, the Presidents’ Cup, the Founders’ Cup, the Alumni Cup, the First Nations Cup, the Ross Cup/Victory Trophy, 16U Box Lacrosse Championship, 16U Girls Box Lacrosse Championships, 14U Box Lacrosse Championship, 14U Girls Box Lacrosse Championships,  12U Box Lacrosse Championship, and the U19 Women’s Field Lacrosse Championship. For the most part the 2020 host organizations will be hosting in 2021. Please click on this link for the full list of 2021 National Championships and hosts.
The CLA would like to clearly state that this decision is not a cancellation of the lacrosse season in Canada. Individual member associations will decide the course of 2020 lacrosse opportunities on their own timelines under provincial and health authority guidance.
The CLA encourages everyone to follow the health and safety of guidelines in their provinces or territories. When it is safe for lacrosse to resume in Canada, the CLA will be ready to bring our community back together. 
For more information, please contact:
Jane Clapham
Executive Director
Canadian Lacrosse Association
Phone: 613-260-2028 ext. 304

RMLL Jr. Ladies, Sr. Women’s and Sr. C Divisions 2020 Season Now Cancelled
The RMLL, in consultation with its teams, decided to cancel the complete 2020 Season for its Jr. Ladies and Sr. Women’s Divisions on May 2 and on May 9 decided to cancel the complete 2020 Season for its Sr. C Division. A decision regarding the other Divisions is still pending based upon a decision by the Canadian Lacrosse Association regarding national championships and social distancing requirements of the Alberta government. This is a very unfortunate situation and we hope to be back to playing lacrosse in 2021.  


Alcohol, Tobacco and Drug Policy

Revised February 29, 2020




12.01 Alcohol

12.01.1 All players, team officials, referees, and volunteers must respect the laws

regarding the consumption of alcohol in the jurisdiction of the event

(either provincially/territorially or internationally). Underage drinking

will not be tolerated.

12.01.2 No team official, athlete, game official, referee, volunteer should consume alcohol or

should have consumed alcohol with parents or athletes during the time of an ALA

sanctioned event while under the care and control of athletes.

12.01.3 Team officials should not consume alcohol in the presence of underage players.

12.01.4 No team member, team officials, referee or volunteer shall consume alcohol or should

have consumed alcohol prior to an ALA sanctioned event on the same calendar day.

12.01.5 No team member, team officials, referee or volunteer shall be intoxicated at

any time between leaving home to travel to and returning home from

an ALA event.

12.01.6 All ALA sanctioned events approved to have alcohol must have a liquor licence and

adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission

(AGLC). All servers must be ProServe trained and designated security personnel must

be assigned.

12.07.1 All ALA expects all ALA Members to act responsibly at ALA events where alcohol

consumption has been approved. Compliance with AGLC Policies as well as ALA

Bylaws, Regulations, and Policies are to be adhered to.

12.02 All forms of Tobacco and Vaping

12.02.1 All players, team officials, and referees must respect the laws surrounding

tobacco in the jurisdiction of the event (Provincial/Territorial and

International). The ALA discourages the use of tobacco/vape.

12.02.2 Team officials, players, and referees should not use tobacco/vape in the presence of

underage players.

12.03 Drugs

12.03.1 The Canadian Government legalized Cannabis however, athletes subject to the

Canadian Anti-Doping Program (CADP) must be aware that this does not affect the

status of cannabis in sport. Cannabis continues to be a prohibited substance and a

positive test can still result in sanction.

12.03.2 The ALA position statement on substance abuse shall apply

to all competitions.

12.03.3 All players, team officials, and referees must respect the laws surrounding

drugs in the jurisdiction of the event (Canada and International). The

stricter standard shall apply.

12.03.4 No athlete, official, coach, referee, or volunteer shall take either illegal or

performance enhancing drugs. No team official or parent shall

recommend or condone the use of illegal or performance enhancing


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12.03.5 Any individual who has knowledge of the use of illegal or

performance enhancing drugs must report the infraction immediately

to team management or an ALA official.

12.03.6 Failure to follow the above guidelines could result in a Code of Conduct violation.



The Alberta Lacrosse Association (ALA) is excited to announce the launch of Alberta Lacrosse TV. You can find Alberta Lacrosse TV at  www.albertalacrossetv.com.

Alberta Lacrosse TV is an online platform where the public can go to watch Alberta Lacrosse videos. Initially Alberta Lacrosse TV will provide drill videos for coaches.

In addition, coaches will be able to download the drill PDF from the site . The ALA will be continually uploading drill videos to the library and build the database of drills for box lacrosse, men’s field lacrosse and women’s field lacrosse.

Alberta Lacrosse TV will be the site to visit to watch the new and exciting things that are happening in the lacrosse community. Eventually Alberta Lacrosse TV will move beyond drill videos to highlight lacrosse events, player profiles and coach interviews.

For more information or to be a sponsor of Alberta Lacrosse TV please contact
Lisa Grant at lisa@albertalacrosse.com.