For the RMLL Emergency Action Plan Form, please  download here

Team Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Each team is required to have one EAP which includes the info for their home arena or home arenas if they have more than one home arena. The home team (Trainer) should be sharing this info with the away team (Trainer) prior to the start of the game.


The Team Trainer (or Head Coach) is responsible for:

– Knowing the location of entrances and exists at all arenas

– Ensuring, there is a means of communication in case of emergency i.e. cell phone

– Knowing, the emergency numbers, such as ambulance and hospital, nearest all arenas

Charge Person: Head Trainer, Trainer or Designate

Check with arena personnel for locations and access procedures of arena emergency equipment (AEDs, spinal immobilization equipment, first aid equipment, medically trained personnel, phones, ice, etc)
Inform opposing team of available services (Ice, call person, splints, blankets, signals, etc).
Inspect arena floor, home & visitors benches prior to games for possible hazards.
Ensure all first aid equipment is present and in working order.
Assistant Charge Person: Trainer or Designate

Assist Head Trainer when signaled onto floor. Duties may include:
Head and neck stabilization.
Assist in transporting patient to the bench, change room, stretcher or vehicle.
Take over from Head Trainer if required.
Crowd control in case of serious injury. This may include:
Keeping players, referees, coaches and/or parents away from patient.
** A second assistant may be required for crowd control in the event of head/neck/spinal injuries.**

Calming the patient in the event of a serious injury.
Call Person: As assigned by the Head Trainer/Trainer

Watch for and respond to signals from the Head Trainer and/or trainer/coach from the opposing team
Call for EMS (911) and provide them with calm and precise information (as given by the Head Trainer and requested by the 911 dispatcher).
Meet EMS and direct them to the injured patient.
Contact patients parent(s) or emergency contact(s), as per the emergency contact information sheet in the Trainer’s Manual.


To view the ALA Certificate of Insurance Proof of Medical Insurance form please  Click Here


A player who resides outside of Canada and who is playing in the RMLL must complete this form.

Mail completed form to:

Alberta Lacrosse Association
Suite 4 – 9 Chippewa Rd
Sherwood Park, AB T8A 6J7