2024 rmll executive

Duane bratt






Greg Lintz

Vice President





Christine thielen

Executive Director






earl caron






norm shaw

ASL Commissioner




Melinda Campbell

Sr. C Commissioner


Greg Lintz

Interim Jr.  A Commissioner






Ian Stewart

Jr. B Tier I Commissioner




Darrel Knight

Jr. B tier II Commissioner


Mike Medhurst

Jr. B Tier II Deputy Commissioner


Alex Traboulay

Alberta Major Female Commissioner




greg hart

Development Commissioner



Discipline and Appeal Commissioner




david westwood

Referee  in Chief




amanda thielen

Web Master

executive member duties




7.01.1 The function of the President, with the assistance of and through the RMLL Executive, is to formulate and oversee RMLL policy and assist the Commissioners in achieving RMLL objectives in a business-like and timely manner.
7.01.2 The President is responsible for the following duties:
a) call and chair all meetings of the RMLL Executive and Members;
b) on an emergent basis, to discipline any Franchise Holder, Member or Member of a Member for unseemly conduct on or off the playing surface for a breach of these Bylaws, the Rules or the Regulations, subject always to the right to appeal as hereinafter provided;
c) assist the Commissioners in dealing with RMLL operations;
d) fully exercise the authority of the Vice-President, in the absence or inaccessibility of the Vice-President;
e) represent the RMLL at all ALA meetings;
f) assist in preparing an annual budget; and
g) represent the RMLL in all discussions with the ALRA.


7.02.1 The Vice-President is responsible for the following duties:
a) prepare changes for these Bylaws and the Regulations as directed by the RMLL Executive;
b) provide interpretation of these Bylaws and the Regulations;
c) provide support to the Commissioners;
d) assist the Executive Director and Treasurer;
e) fully exercise the authority of a Commissioner, in the absence, inaccessibility, or conflict of interest of a Commissioner; and
f) act in the absence of the President.


7.03.1 The function of the Executive Director is to carry out the administrative support of the RMLL on behalf of the RMLL Executive in a business-like and timely manner.
7.03.2 The Executive Director is responsible for the following duties:
a) arrange for the RMLL Executive passes to be printed and distributed;
b) ensure the RMLL registration is complete with the ALA;
c) ensure CLA negotiation lists are supplied to the ALA Office by applicable deadline;
d) ensure ALRA Officials are assigned to all RMLL sanctioned games, in conjunction with the Referee-in- Chief;
e) bill, or cause to be billed, each Member for RMLL fees, expenses, and/or fines;
f) advise new team applicants of the conditions for entry into the RMLL and ensure each application is correctly prepared for consideration by the Division and the RMLL Executive;
g) annually prepare and distribute these Bylaws and the Regulations to Members;
h) ensure all changes to the Regulations, Rules and Division Operating Policies are made according to these Bylaws following ratification by the RMLL Executive;
i) maintain a registry of all RMLL awards, trophies and personnel recognition under the direction of the Commissioners;
j) provide RMLL schedules to Commissioners; and
k) fully exercise the authority of the President and Vice-President, in the absence or inaccessibility of the President and Vice-President.


7.04.1 The function of the Treasurer is to be responsible for the custody and maintenance of all books and records of RMLL finances, as required by these Bylaws and the law and ensuring the RMLL is properly financially managed.
7.04.2 To be responsible for all fiscal matters pertaining to the RMLL, including the preparation of the Financial Statements and the appointment of an auditor (as required by the Societies Act (Alberta).


7.05.1 The Commissioners are elected by the Members of their respective Division and are put forward for ratification to the RMLL Executive at the annual division planning meeting for a term of one (1) year.
7.05.2 The function of the Commissioners is to implement these Bylaws, the Rules, and the Regulations in conjunction with the other members of the RMLL Executive in a business-like and timely manner.
7.05.3 The Commissioners have the responsibility of administering their respective Divisions. The Commissioners are responsible for the following duties:
a) administer the Division according to these Bylaws, the Regulations and any ratified Division Operating Policy;
b) administer the technical standards of the RMLL including, but not limited to, the game, officiating and equipment;
c) approve trades;
d) provide the Executive Director with Protected Player lists;
e) assist with the preparation of a schedule of all RMLL and playoff games within their respective Divisions;
f) represent the RMLL at sanctioned games as required;
g) administer and apply the standards of conduct for all Franchise Holders, Members and Members of Members within their respective Divisions;
h) issue fines and suspensions in accordance these Bylaws, the Regulations and/or the Division’s Operating Policy, and promptly notify parties, in writing, of any disciplinary actions; and
i) chair all Division meetings in their respective Divisions.


7.06.1 The Discipline and Appeals Commissioner is appointed by the RMLL Executive for a two-year term.
7.06.2 The function of the Discipline and Appeals Commissioner is to:
a) interpret these Bylaws, the Regulations and the Rules and the bylaws, regulations and policies of the ALA or CLA when the issue relates to a formal complaint, game protest or disciplinary action;
b) appoint, on an annual basis, a discipline committee of up to twelve individuals to be ratified by the RMLL Executive to hear and rule on disciplinary matters and appeals from members of the RMLL Executive, Franchise Holders, Members or Members of Members; and
c) ensure that appointees to appeal and discipline hearings fulfill their mandate and duties.


7.07.1 The Development Commissioner is appointed by the RMLL Executive for a two-year term.
7.07.2 The function of the Commissioner of Development is to:
a) oversee and evaluate referee development and promotion in the RMLL (in conjunction with the RMLL Referee-in-Chief);
b) conduct research into referee, coach and player development requirements;
c) coordinate with other provincial, national, and international programs relating to the development of coaches, players, and officials;
d) suggest direction to the RMLL Executive about initiatives that may be undertaken to enhance referee, coach, and player development (including integrated initiatives); and
e) review effectiveness of RMLL coach, player, and referee development initiatives.


7.08.1 The Referee-in-Chief is accountable to the RMLL Executive and appointed by the ALRA for a term of two years. He or she must be a member of the ALRA.
7.08.2 The function of the Referee-In-Chief is to provide the RMLL with the official interpretation of rules, to maintain a central registry of ALRA Officials qualified for RMLL sanctioned games and to oversee the completion of the assigning of the appropriate Referees and Officials to all RMLL games by the designated RMLL Assignor.