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RMLL Senior Ladies Program

In 2010 there were enough players to implement a Senior Ladies Division in the RMLL. The inaugural Season for the Senior Ladies included three teams: one from Edmonton, one from Red Deer and one from Calgary. Prior to 2010, the Senior aged players wishing to continue to play lacrosse had to register to a Junior Ladies team.

The players in Senior Ladies are very committed and lacrosse at this level is very competitive. As the Division is still growing, to add variety, the Senior teams have two interlock games with the Junior teams in their local area.

The Senior Ladies Division is for any players over the age of twenty-one. Teams can register up to thirty players each. The Regular starts the last week of April and runs until the last week of June. Regular Season is followed by Playoffs and the RMLL Championship and all is completed by the end of the second week in July.

Every February, Graduating Junior players within the Region of their residence are drafted by the Senior teams within the same Region.

The “Stacey Dziwenko Award” is handed out annually to the player who is the highest point leader from Regular Season.