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  Marauders Pre-Season Floor All floor times at the Cavalry FC Regional Field Hose Open to players: On the Marauders
  Open to all Graduating U17, Free Agents and Junior Players Full equipment required $10 drop-in fee per session and
Open to all graduating U17, Junior and Senior players. Full equipment is required. $175.00 for all 21 floor times when




We’re so lucky to have the BEST fans in the league and as a valued member of the Rough House, the NLL would like your feedback!

The NLL has created a fan survey, where all research gathered is confidential and will be used to further grow the game and improve fan experience. This survey is open to all fans and closes on May 26.

Please note, participation in this survey is fully voluntary. If you’re interested in participating, you will be entered to win some great NLL prizing!

Thank you for your continued support of our sport and your Roughnecks – Go ‘Necks Go!

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Coaching Info for RMLL Coaches

The standard coaching requirement for a RMLL Coach is Competitive Introduction.
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ALA Coaching Program

Maintenance and Professional Development Points
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2020 Coaching Clinics

Please direct coaching administrative questions to:

Reminder: ALA Regulation 24.08 -All workbooks required after attending a NCCP clinic must be completed by March 1 of the following year.



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“To govern and promote Alberta amateur post midget box lacrosse and provide continual participant development opportunities for the pursuit of excellence and enjoyment while fostering fair play, sportsmanship and a general community spirit among our Members.”

-rmll mission statement

Code of COnduct

Each member of the RMLL Executive, Franchise Holder, Member and Member of Member shall:

a) at all times work toward the goals and Mission Statement of the RMLL and the game of Lacrosse;
b) strive to heighten the image and dignity of the RMLL and the sport of Lacrosse as a whole;
c) always be courteous and objective in all dealings with respect to participating within the RMLL;
d) except when made through proper channels, refrain from unfavorable criticism of other Franchise Holders, Members, Members of Members, Referees, or members of the RMLL Executive;
e) strive to achieve excellence in the sport while supporting the concepts of “Fair Play” and a Drug-Free sport;
f) show respect for the cultural, social and political values of all participants in the sport; and
g) as a guest in a foreign country, other province or other Association, abide by the laws of the host and adhere to any social customs concerning conduct.
All Franchise Holders must take reasonable efforts to require all persons involved, or associated with, their Franchises to comply with the above code of conduct.






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