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Welcome to the RMLL 2024 Box Season!

RMLL Player Registration

In addition to registering directly with a RMLL Franchise, Alberta players must also complete an RMLL Intent-to-Play. The RMLL Intent-To-Play does not apply to players on RMLL out-of-province teams.

As per the ALA, only RMLL players completing this Intent-to-Play will be allowed to go on the floor with an Alberta RMLL Franchise. (Call-ups from Minor Lacrosse do not complete the Intent-To-Play)

RMLL Intent-To-Play Link:  

  • Enter your RAMP login. If you played lacrosse in Alberta in 2023 or if you played for another sport that RAMP hosts the registration for, you will have a RAMP login. If you are new to Alberta lacrosse in 2024 and do not currently have RAMP for registration for another sport, you will need to create a RAMP Account;
  • Select 2024 Box Lacrosse;
  • Select which Family Member you want to Register (enter or review that information is correct);
  • Select one the four RMLL Divisions:
      • FEMALE – Junior Major (DOB 2007,2006, 2005, 2004, 2003)
      • FEMALE – Senior Major (DOB 2002 or earlier)
      • Senior (DOB 2002 or earlier) if you are intending to play Sr. B (ASL) or Sr. C
      • Junior (DOB 2007, 2006, 2005 ,2004, 2003) if you are intending to play Jr. A, Tier I or Tier II
  • ALA Player Registration Fee – $60.25 plus admin fee (this payment is submitted directly to the ALA);
  • Players under 18 will need to have a Parent or Guardian sign the ALA waiver;
  • Please enter all the requested information.

Once you have completed entering all the required information, you will receive a RMLL Registration Confirmation e-mail. 

Please give a copy of this RMLL Registration Confirmation e-mail to each RMLL Franchise you are going on the floor with. 


Yours in lacrosse,

Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League