As per the LC Off-Floor Officials Guide for Box Lacrosse, Off-Floor Officials are very important Members of the Officiating team and are an integral part of our game with responsibilities and functions.

The responsibilities and functions of the Off-Floor Officials are documented in the LC Off-Floor Officials Guide for Box Lacrosse.

Since Off-Floor Officials are such an integral part of our game, teams are requested to have a designated group fulfill this role at each of their home games.

As per RMLL Regulation 13, Off-Floor Officials must be 18 or older.

RMLL Regulation 13:

13.1. It is the home Franchise responsibility to supply all the Off-Floor Officials required for home games.

13.1.1. Each Franchise will train a select group of individuals, eighteen years of age and older, for the role of Off Floor Officials.

13.1.2. The ALRA will assign an Official to operate the shot clock for Playoff, RMLL Championship, and Provincial games.

13.2. Off-Floor Officials are responsible for reading, understanding, and following the procedures listed in the LC Off Floor Officials Guide.

13.3. The home Franchise is responsible for ensuring all the people assigned to the time-keepers bench are in place fifteen (15) minutes prior to the start of the game.


2011 box lacrosse off floor officials guide