RMLL Jr. B tier II North Player Rights

      1. When a player is released by a Tier II Club/Team and becomes a Member with a new Tier II Club/Team, the player is now the property of the new Tier II Club/Team. The player is no longer the property of the old Tier II Club/Team. For example, if I was released in 2018 by the Warriors Tier II team and became a Member (on the roster) of the 2018 Titans Tier II team, I am now a Member of the Titans. The Warriors have no claim over me.  

2. When the player registers for the upcoming Season, the player registers with the Tier II Club of the Team who the player was a Member of (on the roster) in the Season prior.  

3. If a player does not make the Tier II team of their Club, then the player becomes a “free agent” for Tier II and may tryout for any other Tier II team. If the player is successful in making the roster of another Tier II team, the player is now the property of the Club of the Tier II team.  

4. If a Club previously without a Tier II team creates a Tier II team the following Season, then a player who left the Club has the option of continuing to play for their current team, or going to back to play on the new Team formed by their old Club.