Although not mandatory, the preference is for teams to use stickers for their game day rosters.

Players listed on the game sheet must be listed in numerical order.

In-Homes – 2024 Addition
An In-Homes for each team must be identified on the game sheet as ‘IN’. In-Homes are a player designated by the coach to serve all bench minor penalties or penalties that may require an additional player to serve them (coincidentals, majors with game misconducts, goalkeeper penalties, etc.).

Illegal Substitution – 2024 Revision
Too Many Men will now be referred to as Illegal Substitution. The abbreviate version would be IS.

Goalie Stats – 2024 Addition
Goalie Stats now have a spot to be recorded on the game sheet. The goalie’s name and number should be written down. Write when the goalie went into the game (ie: 20:00 of the first period) and when the Goalie left the game (ie: 10:00 minutes in the second period). Write how many shots each goalie made and how many saves each goalie made

Game Misconducts
Game Misconducts must be written down with the reason for the game misconduct and a time of 10 minutes.
Game Misconduct Types (with abbreviation) and Rule reference
Fighting (GM – Fighting) Rule 45
Unsportsmanlike Conduct (
GM – Unsports) Rule 28
Two Majors in a game (
GM – Two Majors) Rule 77c
High Stick (
GM – High Stick) Rule 50
Check from Behind (
GM – CFB) Rule 38
Contact in Exchange Area (
GM – Change Box)
Illegal Equipment (
GM – Ill. Equip.) Rule 12 and 13
Third Person in an Altercation (
GM – Third Person) Rule 67
Leaving the Bench (
GM – Leave Bench) Rule 60
Gross Misconduct (
GM – Gross Misc.) Rule 48
What is in red is what is to be written on the game sheet.

Double Minor Penalties
i.e. Checking From Behind – Checking From Behind (CFB) double minor penalty – enter it on the game sheet as two 2 min penalties [2 min CFB], even though the time clock will show 4 min. [or possibly more] for that player. Therefore, if a goal is scored while his/her team is shorthanded, then the first 2 min penalty will be served and the clock dropped to the second 2 min. penalty [or reduced if more penalties to same player].

Match Penalty
Be sure to write it is a Match penalty. Make sure you write what the Match is for (ie: Match – Kicking) and it has the correct time assigned to it (5 minutes)