2023/24 CRUDE Winter LAX

Servus Place (Orion Plastics)

Open to all graduating U17, Junior and Senior players. Full equipment is required.
$175.00 for all 20 floor times when paid before first session, or $10.00 per session.

Crude E-Transfer (crude.treasurer@gmail.com)

Mon. Oct.16/23   9-10PM                                               Mon. Jan.2/24   7-8PM

   Mon. Oct.23/23   9-10PM                                               Mon. Jan.8/24   9-10PM

   Mon. Oct.30/23   9-10PM                                               Mon. Jan.15/24  9-10PM

  Mon. Nov.6/23     9-10PM                                               Mon. Jan.22/24  9-10PM

Mon. Nov.13/23   9-10PM                                                Mon. Jan.29/24 9-10PM

Mon. Nov.20/23   9-10PM                                                 Mon. Feb.5/24   9-10PM

 Mon. Nov.27/23   9-10PM                                               Mon. Feb.12/24 9-10PM

  Mon. Dec.4/23     9-10PM                                               Mon. Feb.19/24  9-10PM

      Mon. Dec.11/23  9-10PM                                                 Mon. Feb.26/34  9-10PM      

Mon. Dec.18/23  9-10PM                                               Mon. Dec.26/23  7-8PM

Please complete the attached registration form specifically for these events.

 Hope to see you soon!


Kevin Chysyk Terry Dokken

(C) 780 – 975-6602 (H) 780 – 975-1695

kpchysyk@gmail.com tfdokken@gmail.com