In addition to registering directly with a RMLL Franchise, Alberta players must also complete an RMLL Intent-to-Play. The RMLL Intent-To-Play does not apply to players on RMLL out-of-province teams.

As per the ALA, only RMLL players completing this Intent-to-Play will be allowed to go on the floor with an Alberta RMLL Franchise. (Call-ups from Minor Lacrosse do not complete the Intent-To-Play)

RMLL Intent-To-Play Link: 

Enter your RAMP login. If you played lacrosse in Alberta in 2022 or if you played for another sport that RAMP hosts the registration for, you will have a RAMP login. If you are new to Alberta lacrosse in 2023 and do not currently have RAMP for registration for another sport, you will need to create a RAMP Account;

    • Select 2023 Box Lacrosse;
    • Select which Family Member you want to Register (enter or review that information is correct);
    • Select one the four RMLL Divisions:

o   Senior (DOB 2001 or earlier) if you are intending to play Sr. B (ASL) or Sr. C
o   Junior (DOB 2006, 2005, 2004 ,2003, 2002) if you are intending to play Jr. A, Tier I or Tier II
o   Major Senior Female (DOB 2001 or earlier)
o   Major Junior Female (DOB 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002)

    • ALA Player Registration Fee – $60.25 plus credit admin fee (this payment is submitted directly to the ALA);
    • Players under 18 will need to have a Parent or Guardian sign the ALA waiver;
    • Please enter all the requested information.

Once you have completed entering all the required information, you will receive a RMLL Registration Confirmation e-mail.

Please give a copy of this RMLL Registration Confirmation e-mail to each RMLL Franchise you are going on the floor with.


All RMLL Coaches Register Today!

Date – April 14 evening, April 15 and April 16, 2023

Location – Okotoks Recreation Centre, OkotoksInstructors include Walt Christianson, Duane Bratt, John Kilbride, Jason Crook and Kane SwartoutThe Clinic is for all RMLL Coaches whether you are looking for additional info or whether you are in need your Competitive Introduction “in-training status”. All coaches Community Development Trained attending the Super Clinic will receive their Competitive Introduction ‘in training’ status. Coaches who already have taken Competitive Introduction are encouraged to attend as there will be a lot of additional material covered in the course. All Competitive Introduction Certified coaches attending will receive PD Points based on unique modules included in the Super Clinic.Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday – Floor and Classroom sessions, video analysis, group tasks and joint sessions with ALRA Uber Clinic.Registration Fee also includes breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday.For further info and to register, go to the Super Coaching Clinic Registration link:

Coaches attending for their Competitive Introduction “in-training” status will also need to register in NCCP for the Clinic.

Accommodation: RMLL Coaches residing more than 100 km from Okotoks can request the RMLL to secure your accommodations and cover the expense by e-mailing Funding requests will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.